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Label: Island Records
Fall Out Boy was one of the first 21st-century bands to completely erase the lines between punk and R&B, emo and electronic music. It's a post-everything sensibility that has only grown more over the top and unpredictable with time. This is especially true of M A N I A, a big, crackling, electric record that buzzes with EDM-infused arena anthems crossing AWOLNATION with Queen ("Young and Menace"), slickly churning dance rock tricked out with blue-eyed soul moves ("The Last of the Real Ones"), heart-pounding R&B ballads ("Heaven's Gate") and even a splash of reggae ("Sunshine Riptide"). But despite all their radical genre subversion and cross-pollination, the album flows seamlessly thanks to Fall Out Boy's sassy, rock 'n' roll attitude, which permeates every last note, lick and chorus.

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Om dette album

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