The Mountain Will Fall by DJ Shadow



DJ Shadow

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Label: Mass Appeal
You can hear DJ Shadow’s perfectionist tendencies on his first album since 2011’s The Less You Know, The Better. The sumptuous title track brings a waft of synthesizer air underlined by electro squelches reminiscent of the Fearless Four’s “Rockin’ It.” In fact, ‘80s techno-hop is commingled with airy and melancholy electronica across the album, from the slapping 808 drums of “Bergschrund” to “Mambo” and its crisp electronic breaks. For longtime Shadow listeners, there’s a turntablist romp in “The Sideshow” that will evoke memories of past classics like “The Number Song.” Meanwhile, “Pitter Patter” spotlights his Liquid Amber imprint and roster acts G Jones and Bleep Bloop. DJ Shadow ably moves between past techno cities and future dub mountains. However, his final track, “Suicide Pact,” sounds uncomfortably bleak.

About this album


About this album

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