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Animal Collective

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Label: Domino Recording Co
In the 15th year of their career, Animal Collective return with Painting With, wholly revitalizing the band’s known brand of genre-defiant rock with psychedelic, lo-fi postmodern alt punk. Vocals resemble circuit-bent Speak & Spell diatribes with production traversing a carnival sideshow of kazoo sounds, spare drum machines, fruity loops, irreverent lyrics and psychedelic floral vaudeville. The band recorded in Western Studios in Los Angeles, host to artists like The Beach Boys and Michael Jackson, amidst a candlelit reverence complete with kiddie pools and projected dinosaurs on the walls. Whether precocious, pretentious or Mesozoic, Painting With reinterprets both psychedelia and upside-down music theory.

Om dette album


Om dette album

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